At Stellar, an unflagging adherence to quality begins at Receiving, and is maintained through every step of production. Our internal documentation system follows rigorous specification standards that ensure seamless production movement and continuous maintenance of the highest quality production. Our capabilities include ASTM testing, microscopic evaluation, dry film thickness (DFT) testing, gloss measurements and much more.




From ohms to ASTM adhesion testing, Stellar's laboratory is well equipped to perform both destructive and non-destructive testing in house and on demand. In addition to standard testing, we also provide meticulous Federal 595 and Pantone color comparison, which helps ensure consistent color matching. Every step of production processes include quality checkpoints at every step such as first piece approvals and in process inspections. These checkpoints are in place to help guarantee the highest possible quality for your your parts.





Quality. Intergrated.

At Stellar, we've developed a unique approach to our coatings and quality systems, requiring technicians in each department to demonstrate knowledge in both application and testing requirements. There are no lines drawn between paint and quality personnel. By cross-training our employees and integrating our systems, we are able to maintain an overall standard of excellence that our customers can rely on.